Holy crap…I'm living in Mongolia!

the land of blue sky


One of the most unique countries in the world, Mongolia remains relatively undiscovered by tourists. About the size of Alaska, it’s the most sparsely populated nation on the planet. Here are a few more fun facts about my soon-to-be adopted homeland:

  • The region was once ruled by nomadic empires; even the capital city of Ulaanbataar used to move three times per year.
  • Established in 1778, Bogd Khan National Park is the oldest National Park in the world. Hiking is becoming one of Mongolia’s most popular sports (though wrestling is apparently where it’s really at).
  • 250+ days of sunshine. Maybe I’ve mentioned that before….it makes me happy.
  • It gets down to 40 below in the winter. Maybe I’ve mentioned that before…it terrifies me.
  • Mongolian is written using the Cyrillic alphabet.
  • The Gobi desert used to be a sea and marine fossils can still be found there today.
  • Roy Chapman Andrews (the alleged inspiration for Indiana Jones, along with Hiram Bingham and Colonel Percy Fawcett) discovered the first-known dinosaur eggs in the Gobi.
  • The country sits on a wealth of untapped mineral reserves and is one of the fast growing economies in the world.

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