Holy crap…I'm living in Mongolia!


outline map of mongolia on blackboardMy official job title in Mongolia will be Secondary Education English Teacher. I’ll be working with secondary school students and their teachers, and focused not only on English education, but also community development. My primary duties, as outlined in my volunteer assignment description are:

  1. Helping teachers improve their English language proficiency and capacity to deliver student-centered English language education
  2. Helping students (in 4th through 12th grade) improve their English proficiency
  3. Helping community members enhance their personal growth and contribute to the needs of their community

In terms of how this translates into my day-to-day duties, I’ll have at least two Mongolian English teacher counterparts and will work with them to (among other things) plan and co-teach lessons, develop materials, observe the classroom and provide feedback, tutor kids, and host English club.

In addition, every PCV selects secondary projects, based on the needs of their community. In Mongolia, some of the key community development needs are around youth development, HIV/AIDS awareness, information technology, human trafficking education & awareness, and alcohol abuse & prevention. It won’t always be easy, but it will certainly be meaningful. I can’t wait to get started.

Our average work week will be anywhere from 45 to 55 hours. The reasonable hours are important, because from what I’m reading, the business of life will take much longer in Mongolia than it does here in the US. For just one example, doing laundry can be an all-day activity (more about that in a separate post). And speaking of clothes: according to our briefing materials, dress code is business attire: Mongolian women wear dresses/skirts or slacks and heels every day. Microsoft has not prepared me for this!

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