Holy crap…I'm living in Mongolia!

my first khorkhog*

17 lets eat

Last weekend, I was invited to join my friend Dashka’s 11th grade class on a trip to Shargaljuut soum (a small town about three hours away) for a day in the sun. The soum is famous for it’s more than 100 mineral springs and many people visit from all over Bayankhongor to rest and  rejuvenate. It’s said that there’s a different spring for every part of the body, so whatever ails you can be treated.

We didn’t take any treatments this time, but it was a great day by the river for a khorkhog—the traditional Mongolian barbecue made by pressure cooking meat and vegetables with hot stones over a fire. The family of one of Dashka’s students gifted us an entire sheep for the occasion. *Technically, this was really my second khorkhog (my first being at my sitemate’s home for her birthday). But traditionally, khorkhog is something you do in the countryside, and so this was my first countryside khorkhog. Thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the photos from the day.

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