Holy crap…I'm living in Mongolia!

get in touch

I have Internet access! Facebook friends can find my e-mail and SMS info on the About page. Alternatively, direct message me there or find me on Twitter @joannafu. I look forward to reading and responding as often as possible!

For those who are interested, you can also reach me via snail mail at the address below. Be sure to include both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet versions on your package (best bet is to just take a screen shot of this page, print it out and paste it to your letter):

Joanna Fuller
Peace Corps Volunteer | English Teacher
Erdenemandal High School #3
Bayankhongor Aimag
Bayankhongor MONGOLIA

Joanna Fuller
Англи Хэлний Багш
Утас: 94 41 10 30
Эрдэнэмандал Ахлах Сургууль #3
Баянхонгор Аймаг
Баянхонгор МОНГОЛ УЛС

A few things to bear in mind (courtesy of our volunteer handbook):

  • Mail to Mongolia generally takes two to four weeks to arrive, and some mail may never arrive.
  • Occasionally, letters may arrive with clipped edges because someone has tried to see if any money was inside. Also, some boxes may be opened by customs officials to ensure nothing illegal is being shipped.
  • Include the word Airmail on envelopes; packages sent by surface mail normally take two to three months.
  • Check with your local post office for information on weight and size limitations for packages.
  • Volunteers have found that letters and packages have a better chance of arriving if correspondents do not use a variety of interesting stamps.
  • Use sturdy, well-taped boxes for packages (to discourage tampering).

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